Kung Fu · Life
Master William Kwok presented a seminar titled "Kung Fu · Life" to students of Princeton University, discussing the philosophy behind martial arts.
Integrating Wing Chun Kung Fu to our Life
Master William Kwok conducted a cultural event at JP Morgan Chase during the Asian Pacific Heritage Month celebration. We are honored to introduce Practical Wing Chun and promote martial arts philosophy to the corporate world!
Chinese Martial Arts Encountering Challenge?
Master William Kwok was invited as a guest speaker in an academic seminar hosted by Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association titled "Is Chinese Martial Arts Encountering Challenged?" at Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Park Asia Charity Gala
Master Yvonne Kwok was invited by Park Asia to present a Taekwon-do demonstration at their 14th Anniversary Charity Gala. She represented MAES to raise funds for the Guild for Exceptional Children, a nonprofit organization in Brooklyn which offers schooling and other services for children and adults with disabilities.
Yin and Yang of Martial Arts
Yin and Yang of Martial Arts was a martial and visual arts exhibition. It showcased the artistic and cultural works of the Kwok family, as they hope to convey the idea of coexistence and balance through the connection of the two art forms. A combination of traditional Chinese calligraphy by Mr. Yuen-Wah Kwok, contemporary abstract paintings by Ms. Yvonne Kwok, and martial arts demonstrations was presented to reinforce the concept of Yin and Yang as well as to transcend the idea of martial arts practice and visual arts creations; a way to reflect virtues and philosophical aspects of martial arts as a way of life.
Martial Mind A martial arts-inspired social-emotional learning program that aims to increase character development in children to help them grow into ethical, well-coping, and moral citizens.
Special Certificate of Appreciation Presenting our Special Certificate of Appreciation to the legendary action choreographer and director Yuen Woo-Ping.
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